Class Websites

The Un-Museum
Think Quest


These two websites can be a good resource for you when you are studying your spelling words. 

Spelling City

Spelling Games

Student VUE

This website will be very useful because it is where you can check your grades.

Parent VUE

Easy CBM

Students will use this website when they take a fall and a spring reading test.  This test will test the students vocabulary and their comprehension.


This is the state testing website.  Here you will have access to practice tests and other online resources related to the state tests.  This is a great tool to get your child prepared for state test.

Biography Project

Deschutes Public Library

Cascade Home
Classroom ResourcesClass_Resources.html
Mr. Curfew’s
About Mr. CurfewAbout_Mr._Curfew.html
The Wonders of the World

7 Wonders of the Ancient World

You will use these websites to get information for your project.